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Precision Steel Balls

Our precision balls are our specialty as we produce them in house. We supply many different sizes and grades of these high quality balls.



SUJ2 is a high-carbon chromium bearing steel in conformity with JIS G 4805. Non-metal inclusions, which have a harmful effect on the durability of steel, are minimized by our suppliers' vacuum degassing method.

Finished Precision Steel Balls

Precision Steel Balls

Steel balls are mainly used for bearings. They support the rotating parts of all types of machines, such as automobiles. The common material is SUJ2*, and there are more than 100 production sizes available. Steel balls are our main products.

quality employee

All of our balls have been produced at the highest possible quality. We produce our balls with outstanding precision, long-term durability, consistent quality, and an excellent finish.

Import Balls

Here is a detailed list of the different precision balls we can import and supply.

Ceramic Balls

Ceramic Balls

Balls made of ceramics, are made from two types: non-oxide ceramics (such as silicon nitride) and oxide ceramics (such as alumina and zirconia). Among them, a silicon nitride ball weighs less than half the weight of a general steel ball but has hardness much higher than that of a general steel ball. Since they are strong and wear resistant under high temperatures, they are physically stable as well. Additionally, they also have excellent chemical properties of corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and insulation performance.

Brass Balls


These balls are mainly used in bearings that are exposed to a high-temperature environment of around 300°C. Since the contents of residual austenite, which has an adverse effect on aging, is reduced as low as 0% in the processes at AKS, the balls will have minimal dimensional changes and acoustic degradation in a high-temperature environments. Additionally, the accuracy of the balls is finished to a level equivalent to that of SUJ2 steel balls.

Heat resistant copper balls

Heat Resistant

​These balls are made of copper alloys with good electric and thermal conductivities. They are used to fill the holes of carburetors for motorcycles and cars.​

Nylon Balls


Lightweight is the primary feature of nylon balls. Their properties include low electric and thermal conductivities and resistance to acids and alkalis. They can also be colored.

Stainless steel balls

Stainless Steel

Corrosion-resistant steel balls are mainly used for valves, which are used in a corrosive environment. We offer two types of stainless steel balls; martensitic (SUS400) and austenitic (SUS300). In particular, steel balls made of SUS440 have strength and accuracy comparable to those from SUJ2, as well as excellent corrosion resistance, so they are also used for bearings which require corrosion resistance.

Glass balls


This type ball is manufactured from optical glass, which is usually used to produce the lens for cameras, telescopes, microscopes, etc. The transparency of optical grass is higher than that of normal glass. The required transparency is so that light can pass through if its thickness is 100 m. Not only does the glass contain no impurities, but it requires sphere processing techniques to remain fault free and maintain high transparency. They are used in various fields.

Carbon steel balls

Carbon Steel

These balls are headed from carbon steel and their surfaces are strengthened by carburization and quenching. This is our oldest product, which has been produced since the inauguration of AKS.

Carbide balls


Carbide balls are used for the tips of ballpoint pens. They have higher accuracy (JIS grade 10 or higher) than that of normal ball bearings (JIS grade 20), as well as excellent qualities of corrosion resistance and a wetting property for inks. In order to deal with diverse applications of ballpoint pens and various types of inks, we have developed specific processing techniques for each application.

Specialty balls


We can import a broad variety of special balls including bronze, phosphor bronze, MA276, aluminum, tungsten carbide, plastic and glass balls, SKH4, etc. They can also be modified. Perforated balls, grooved balls, perforated balls with grooves, flat balls hollow balls etc.. Based on your special order, we can make special balls.

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