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Our Process

A Perfect Process

Our complete process is thorough and precise. Every step is carefully executed and observed. We believe that our process makes the best precision balls in the world.



Material wire is headed into spherical blanks by high speed automatic machines. The accurate blanks obtained in this process have positive effect on the subsequent processes.

Grinding ball


In addition to removing parts decarburized in the heat treatment, this process adjust dimensional precision and finishes the balls to the stipulated dimensional difference.

Flashing Ball


Headed blanks are roughly ground during rotation under high pressure in disk grooves of special cast-iron. Balls are repeatedly fed into the grooves by means of a rotary conveyor.

First lapping ball

First Lapping

The dimensional precision of the balls is further improved and they are finished to he specified dimensional difference.

Heat treat

Heat Treatment

Balls are heated, quenched, and tempered in a fully controlled automatic furnace. These procedures give the balls maximum strength and durability.

Second lapping balls

Second Lapping

In addition to increasing the balls' dimensional precision to grade level, this process gives the surface of the balls a smooth, glass-like finish.

VI Employee

Visual Inspection 

All of the finished steel balls have their surface visually inspected automatically. This inspection ensures that the balls supplied to our customers have no defects.

packing: lady in forklift


Balls that pass visual inspection are treated with anti-corrosive oil and then packed in paperboard boxes.

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